The Specialist


Dr. med. Julia Berkei

Many people have had an impact on my professional development and influenced the decisions related to it. I grew up in a family connected to the world of arts. In my youth, I attended art circles twice a week for years. Today, I am firmly convinced that this created in me a certain manual skill and the sense for the harmony of proportions.

I have seen many specialists in operating rooms all over the world and have witnessed and performed various surgical techniques. After the study of medicine at University of Leipzig, I gained experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Harvard Medical School in Boston and at Baylor College in Houston. In Europe, specialists like Professor Gubisch, Professor Robotti and Dr Gerbault had an impact on my development.

I acquired training in plastic-aesthetic surgery with special emphasis on breast operations and facial surgery during my work as doctor-in-training in the practice of Dr Jochen Hecker in Langen near Frankfurt am Main. Dr Hecker had at that time the largest private practice in the area of Frankfurt am Main and was as Lemperle student an enthusiastic aesthetic surgeon. He taught me his surgical techniques in my two-year training there. I also acquired a high level of confidence in operating independently and making clear decisions.

In the subsequent years I used these skills in my own practice, first in Leipzig, then in Frankfurt am Main at Goetheplatz , and finally in the new practice in Goethestrasse in the centre of the city.

I have the great fortune to be surrounded by a wonderful team consisting of colleagues, doctors-in-training and patient-care staff. We all put the same passion into our work and commit ourselves to the highest quality standards.

Dr. Berkei