Our Consultation


Our consultation is multilayered.

This is something we put particular emphasis on. From the first phone call to the consultation in the office- our principle is maximal clarification. When you visit the office for your first consultation, you will fill out a form with questions concerning your medical history as well as a specific questionaire regarding the topic of rhinoplasty. On the base of these forms we can get an idea of your general health and your wishes concerning function and form of your nose. We take multiple standardized photos (front, diagonal, from below and the top, with an without facial expressions) of your nose to perform a computer simulation and subsequent surgical planning of the desired shape changes.

Dr. Berkei will first of all listen thoroughly to your wishes and questions, this will be followed by an analysis of your fasical symmetry and an examination of your outer and inner nose (this is not painful!).  In case of ventilation disorders, lopsided nasal septum or enlarged nasal conchaes, further examinations like rhinomanometry or xray or DVT (digital volume tomography) will be arranged. Dr. Berkei’s primary goal is to gift the patient with the nose of their dreams, using the computer simulation together with the patient to harmonize the individual wishes and surgical possibilities. She listens carefully to her patients. She explicitely asks for everything that bothers you in your looks. This is the base for every surgical treatment plan that Dr. Berkei uses to achieve individual and natural results. As Dr. Berkei works closely together with her patients to reach their goals, patients show a high percentage of satisfacation. Therefore there is only a small number of revision surgeries.

Why you can trust us: