How did the costs of my operation come together?

On the day of the consultation we give you a first overview of the costs of the entire treatment. After the consultation, you will receive a detailed cost plan within one week. We strive to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the cost of surgery and the entire treatment as clearly and as realistic as possible before the treatment begins. You have the time to submit this cost estimate to your private health insurance provider in the case of medical diagnoses such as plastic-reconstructive nasal operations or functional septorhinoplastics.

The treatment costs are broken down as follows:

  • Consulting fee
  • Treatment and operating costs
  • Anesthesia costs
  • Hospital costs
  • Accommodationcosts
  • Cost of post-treatment

Please always ask for possible consequential costs for post-treatments, scar corrections, follow-up procedures. In some, rather rare cases, costs may change during treatment.

What are the costs of a rhinoplasty?

It is difficult to compile general surveys on the cost of nose surgery. Each treatment is individual. After a thorough investigation and consultation, we can send you a detailed quotation. We understand that especially in the case of many of our young or far-reaching patients, the rapid and detailed presentation of the treatment costs in advance is extremely important.

A nasal correction costs between 3200,- and EUR 7400, EUR. In addition there are the costs for the anesthesia and the hospital stay. A revision procedure for patients with functional or aesthetic problems who have previously been operated in a different place may be more complicated and higher costs may have to be expected. In the case of very thick skin on the nasal tip we estimate how high the risk of a follow-up surgery will be and what this procedure will cost. The anesthetic costs depend on the duration of the operation and the type of anesthesia. In general, the costs for the anesthesia and the hospital stay are between 600 and 1000 euros. In addition, costs for exhibited recipes will be charged to you. These usually cost between 100 and 200 euros

Important note: Photos of the affected body zone from the front and side help us to give you an estimate of the costs by mail. 

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