Computer Simulation


Now plan your very own rhinoplasty!

With the “face touch up program“ you can see or plan the results of a rhinoplasty beforehand- from the comfort of your own computer. Take advantage of this innovative technique that is also used by plastic surgeons- all free of charge and without any obligations! You can then quickly and easily safe or print these before-and-after pictures of your virtual rhinoplasty.  The simulation of your prospective desired nose shape stores amazingly many possibilities. This tool is an extremely important tool of communication for me as your doctor, consultant and potential surgeon.

I see the following enormous advantages in a thoroughly making of a computer simulation:

You as a patient will think about this step in detail: How much of a change do I desire? Often it’s difficult to describe this in words, then a picture literally speaks more than a thousand words! You can try various possibilities for example a straight or curved nasal bridge to test which one suits your type better. You can also print your own simulation and take it bring it along to your consultation in the office.

Regarding the consulation in my office:

It’s not a problem if you don’t have time or find it too difficult to do your own computer simulation or find it too difficult to make a simulation. 

During the consultation, we take special photographs of your face and with every patient that wishes for a change of their nose shape, we do a computer simulation to plan the surgery as a matter of routine:

After a detailed examination of the inner anatomy of the nose, the ventilation and after palpation of the stability of the nose and the skin cover I will have gained important information to create a preliminary simulation of the desired nose shape from the front and the side. I listen carefully in what way you want certain parts of your nose changed. If you did your own simulation at home, then I’m able to tell you exactly if you have a rather good or poor chance of realization of your ideal. Please keep in mind that not every part of the nose can be randomly altered. If this is the case, I will be able to explain you the reasons. With the help of the computer I’m able to simulate nearly every shape of nose I like- but here lays the important and key point of my simulation during your consultation: I try to correlate your wishes with the anatomical and surgical possibilities. Once you as a patient agree with the aquired simulation, this picture is the base for my surgical planning. During an aesthetic rhinoplasty your original photographs and our simulation hang on the wall of the operation theatre and I repeatedly compare if the resulting changes are coming close to our simulation.

In practice this means:

Idealy your wishes match the surgical options and you enjoy the outcome of simulation- thats the best case scenario in which both parties are satisfied. But in approximately 30% of patients there are underlaying causes like thick skin, narrow inner nasal valves, deviated nasal septums, scared or thickened nasal turbinates hypertrophy caused by allergies or after trauma respectively previously operated patients. In these cases I may simulate a smaller or straighter shape of nose, but this may not sufficiently meet your ideal conception or wishes. In these specific digital morphings (computer simulations) one should rather promise less than too much, to achieve realistic expectations for our patients. In this instance my evaluation of your true desire for this operation is a requirement.

I want to put an emphasis on the fact that a simulation is only a reference point and a surgeon can never give a garanty for the outcome. The simulation is a helping tool of communication. If it is used in the right way, one can help the patient to gain better understanding for the surgically achievable possibilites and the aesthetical objective. Therefore the computer simulation is of invaluable worth to implement the aquired digital morphing during the surgery.

Why you can trust us: