The 5-minute nose

The shape of the nose gives a face character. A shape of nose that is conceived as bothering can substanly be the cause for discomfort. Even small changes can mean a big improvement for the patient. 

Hyaluronic acid- experience and safety

We use hyaluronic acid to inject the nose since 15 years. This hyaluronic acid is used since 1996 and with about 15 million treatments it represents the most used hyalruronic acid product for aesthetic injection treatments wordwide.

Restylane was thoroughly tested in cinical studies and is very similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid. The used hyaluronic acid is produced biosynthetically, meaning no animal diseases can be transferred. Allergies and development of small lumps only occure very rarely, therefore this hyaluronic acid is very commonly used to augment nasolabial folds, lips, etc.

Areas of treatment

The injection represents a process of lifting, respectively filling. As a general rule one can say: a dip or a zone of too little volume can be elevated with hyaluronic acid. Therefore the following patients are well suitable for an injection of the nose:

  • root of the nose too flat
  • bridge of the nose too flat, for example in asian noses
  • bothering notch/dent on the tip of the nose
  • tip of the nose too small
  • instable columella ( only partly improvable)
  • irregularities on the nasal bridge through congenital asymmetries, after trauma or primary rhinoplasty

Sequence of a treatment:

After examination and consultation which points on ur nose may be filled, we apply a numbing cream, that works for ca. 20 minutes. After desinfection of the skin envelope, the actual injection usuall doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes. What makes this treatment special is that you’re able to immediately see the effect in the mirror!

Many patients make the experience of such an injection for the first time. We fill up slowly, drop by drop and happily let our patients have a look in the mirror now and then to see the gradual change. Swelling is usually minimal after shortly cooling the nose you can immediately apply make-up to cover the mild skin redness (only for ca. 30 min).


The durability depend on the type and quantity of the hyaluronic acid and the metabolism of the patient. Hyaluronic acid in the nose usually lasts approximally 8-12 months and has a mild longterm effect even after 12 months through stimulation of the body’s own collagen synthesis. 

We recommend a first filling followed by a touch up after 2-3 months, hereby the longterm results are visibile beyond 12 months up to 24 months. 

Why you can trust us: