Dr. Berkei in her office

Rhinoplasty by DR. BERKEI
in Frankfurt Germany


Welcome to Berkei Aesthetic Surgery,

Dr. Julia Berkei is one of the few plastic surgeons specializing in nose surgery. The nasal specialist has performed approximately 1500 nasal corrections and is experienced in difficult after-corrections. Therefore, there is also a wide range of different surgical approaches and possibilities for nose surgery. Our patients come to our office for consultation because of the following reasons:

  • They are unhappy with the size and shape of your nose
  • They have aeration problems and repeatedly inflammation
  • They are preoperated and think about a correction (revision rhinoplasty)
  • They had an accident and the nose shape has changed

Patients should be healthy as a prerequisite for a nasal correction, the growth of the facial skeleton should be completed (Minimum age of 16 years for medical reasons, minimum age of 18 years for aesthetic requirements).

What you can expect in the consultation with Dr. Berkei:

Whether it is a bumpy nose, an oblique nose, an oversized nasal tip, or big nostrils in your particular case. Dr. Berkei always analyze the inner and outer shape of your nose. The shape and function of the nose are closely related. Depending on your wishes and possible chronic complaints due to nasal septic wall twitching, nocturnal snoring or enlarged nasal cannulae, further studies such as rhinomanometry, allergy tests, DVT (digital volumetography in 3D) are required. We will show you a large number of before-after photos to inform you about the different OP techniques, possibilities and limits. We perform a computer simulation of your new nose individually. In this way, Dr. Berkei can present to you the possibilities and possible limitations of plastic surgery specifically for the example of your nose.

What you wont hear from Dr. Berkei during the consultation:

Many patients have been thinking for a long time about a nasal correction, many women with a cervical lesion quite concretely since puberty. Dr. Berkei is a specialist in plastic surgery and will not promise you results, which can not be made by nose surgery. Dr. Berkei attaches great importance to a realistic representation of your nose shape. With the computer simulation any desired treatment result can be drawn after the nasal correction, but that would give you false expectations. Before that Dr. Berkei wants to preserve espacially patients with thick skin, asymmetries of the nose, with previous surgeries and with scarring after accidents.

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